(Mono, infectious mononucleosis)

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Post Glandular Fever (Mono) troubles

Many of you reading this page will have been searching the internet looking to understand why you have never really felt 100% after an acute attack of glandular fever (known as mononucleosis or mono in the USA and Canada).

It is true that some people do recover from glandular fever / Mono very well, but for those who do continue to suffer, life can be pretty frustrating. What makes it worse is that those who do suffer afterwards tend to be the more active types who are used to doing a lot and just want to get on with life at the same pace as before the glandular fever. They are very often competitive, sporty and high achievers.

Many people suffer from less than 100% health / energy for years after an acute attack of glandular fever. The following symptoms are often noted, when feeling at their lowest:
This can make life extremely diffcicult when trying to hold down a job or looking after a young and active family. It is also difficult if this happens during those important exam years when you need to perform well after those years of hard work during your school life.

These symptoms are usually acompanied by a deep fatigue and lethargy which can't be snapped out of easily. Not being able to think straight on top of this, makes life even more difficut to cope with.
What most people find difficult is the total unrealiability of thier health . . . i.e. how do I know I will be ok from one week to the next. This can make planning very awkward particularly with social occasions. Nobody really understands either, which makes it worse.

A possible theory to explain this type of scenraio is this:
After a bad case of Glandular Fever / Mono, you are left with a chronic lowering of your threshold for overdoing it. If you continue to go over this threshold, either physically (with too much exercise, socialising, lots of long distance driving, moving house etc) mentally (with too much stress with work etc) or emotionally (with relationship problems, family changes etc) then the old tiredness symptoms and signs of the old Glandular fever come back. Normally it is a combination of the above and gradually you run yourself over your threshold. These stresses can be positive or negative . . . both would have a influence on your body’s coping capacity. In some cases this threshold may be left very low so it would not take much for the old symptoms and tiredness to flare up again.

You can manage to control poor post glandular fever health with good eating and lifestyle management. It is not a quick fix miracle cure but goes some way to ensuring you can effect some control over your health and energies on a day to day / week to week basis making life much more bearable.

An on-going personalised support and advice service is offered by Gina Burton's Glandular Fever
(Mono) Help Services.
This service has been running for 15 years and helped / supported many hundreds of people coping with post glandular fever troubles. This may be soon after an acute episode of glandular fever or many months or even many years afterwards (many people will report in that actually they have never felt 100% since glandular fever and constantly suffered with terrible bouts of fatigue, digestive troubles and glandular fever type symptoms).
The encouragement, advice and support given aims to help strengthen confidence and positivity so that the individual feels more able to efficiently look after themselves as well as they can.  

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